Samer, a student from Mo’tah university, Karak, utilized a digital pathway to bridge the social gap between students residing in the community and new out-of-area students. He is currently developing a network application to bring faculty members, administration and students together hence provide sustainable opportunities for engagement and cohesion between the local community and newcomers.

After participating in a DOT Jordan workshop for youth interested in social innovation and entrepreneurship he started reframing the cultural mentality that challenges his community with factors that are essential to providing a smooth lifestyle. He focused on transportation, connectivity, and entertainment to begin with. As a youth facilitator himself, Samer is in constant search of new methods to elevate the mindsets around him through youth-led acts. He recognizes that through acts of kindness, training and character development we were able to empower, acknowledge and welcome new concepts into play.


DOT transformed our youth’s negative mentality and opened a galaxy of new opportunities


One of Samer’s program attendees mentioned that with the training and constant follow-ups involved with Samer’s program, he now looks forward to waking up. “Everyday is a new day to learn and expand our educational horizon”.

Samer also came to believe that learning digital skills could help alleviate a major challenge that new students face upon arrival- that they are considered foreigners to the community. To fix this, Samer’s network app helps connect students to their community. The app aims to share with students “cheat-codes” on how to “win your day”, save time and get to class faster, how to eat out at the rights place, and how to interact with people around you successfully.

As a youth leader, he takes advantage of his DOT training and uses it to support new experiences and opportunities. Samer has been providing part-time jobs, as he hires newcomers in the community to help welcome and support them, where he also signs them up on his app, so they too can learn how to integrate more easily.

With his drive to providing a valuable service, there’s no doubt that his leadership skills will create opportunities for himself and those around him with shooting stars.