DOT Jordan is working closely with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE) to address national technology and sustainability priorities. Together, our work will revitalize the Knowledge Stations at a national scale, familiarize communities with e-Government services, improve communities’ access to and training in technology, and create a digital infrastructure that supports #REACH2025 and bridges the digital divide.

In partnership with Global Affairs Canada, DOT Jordan is working on the Daring to Shift Project to combat poverty and advance local communities’ development by assisting the three pillars of digital jobs, social entrepreneurship, and community leadership.

DOT Jordan, in partnership with UNICEF Jordan, created Bridge.Outsource.Transform (B.O.T); which is the first impact sourcing platform for youth. Through the Digital Skills for Better Future Programme, youth will receive training in ICT and other employability skills, identified by primary market research and assessments, as well as an opportunity to participate in work-placement to apply what they have learned into practice.

Through the Digital Skills: Career Readiness and Support Programme, DOT Jordan, in collaboration with the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund, aims to assist vulnerable refugees in gaining access to the digital economy and improving their livelihoods.

DOT Jordan has signed a partnership agreement with Al-Aman Fund for The Future of Orphans with the aim of enhancing youth resilience through equipping them with skills and competencies needed in the job market in addition to training programs specialized in digital skills, this project is funded by EDU-Syria