Rahma Al-Quran

No one can succeed or remain successful without cooperating with others

Rahma Qur’an is one of the participants in the Impact Sourcing for Apprenticeship Opportunities project.

Rahma participated in the training because she was looking for practical experience.

By participating in DOT Jordan training program; she learned how to navigate and use various programs such as Excel and Word, in addition to data entry skills.

Rahma asserted that the training had an impact on her life by allowing her to acquire new skills such as time management and communication ,which in turn allowed her to market herself more effectively to employers.

Rahma has benefited from the skills she gained in the training provided by DOT Jordan and employed it as a tool to create her initiative Rahmat Dafa’a – a humanitarian project that provides aid to underprivileged families in the community. Rahma’s initiative particularly helps underprivileged and underserved women to market and sell their homemade food and hand-crafts products to customers by organizing free bazaars. 

Rahma stresses on the importance of volunteerism as a tool to develop the skills and capabilities of youth.