Momen Al-Hamid

Momen Al-Hamid is an ambitious and talented young man, who graduated from the University of Jordan. During his studies, Momen’s passion for ornament led him to an entrepreneurial idea, which was to create a platform that teaches the art of Arabic calligraphy and ornament to school students in an interactive  technological approach. From here, Momen took his first steps towards establishing “Kinda” project.

Momen’s shed light on the important role DOT Jordan played in the process of acquiring new and necessary skills, including time management, project development, and how to creatively use environmentally-friendly materials. 

As a result, Momen was able to achieve great things – one of which being awarded the first prize at the National Forum for Young Entrepreneurs and Innovators for the year 2020.

Through social media, Momen’s unique products found an audience and followers that admire his work. Moreover, he was able to partner with private schools across Jordan to promote and teach Arabic calligraphy and design.

Lastly, Momen encourages young and aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their own projects and to work towards implementing them on the ground.