Lujain, a young innovator from Amman, learned about DOT’s intensive entrepreneurial and leadership training course, “Entrepreneurship in 48 hours” from facebook. She jumped at the possibility, and was excited to start learning how to create her own opportunities. During the course, Lujain realized that there is a large chasm in her local and national community between diabetics and non-diabetics.


DOT helped me introduce a new platform for all diabetics to unite and take action to a better lifestyle

“I live in a community where being diabetic is a taboo” said Lujain. Passionate about this challenge, since she herself developed late-onset diabetes, she started to revolve her goals around two large obstacles: the lack of awareness of how to perceive diabetes, and outdated technology that could be improved and create new methods to measure the glucose levels in the blood.

Since the course, Lujain is passionately studying new ways to provide innovative solutions. “The learning curve to making an impact is what keeps me going, DOT improved my public speaking skills”. Parallel to her training, she moved ahead with initiating an app called “Human with barriers”, a discussion platform which she utilized to raise awareness of diabetics all over Jordan. She is proud of the results she is achieving with her growing support group and is guiding them through innovative solutions that boost their confidence by exploring new perceptions of being diabetic.

Since completing the DOT program, Lujain has big dreams to empower others as a social entrepreneur. She knows that to awaken society is to also call for change and grow stronger. She plans to target her local community first, then progress towards educational sectors. She hopes to teach people how to overcome any barrier in life by sharing her story.


We are not related by blood, but rather connected by diabetes

From the DOT team to Lujain we say, exposure, expansion and excellence are pillars to guide you through your journey to make a change.

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