Creating opportunities for girls through fashion

Dana Al Fayez has always loved fashion. She loves it more now that she sees how it can support and transform her community.

Dana’s journey as a social innovator began when she participated in a DOT Jordan workshop for youth interested in social entrepreneurship. “This workshop has opened my eyes to a wider perspective of our social, economic and political world,” she says.

Alongside other young leaders, 24-year-old Dana deepened her confidence, skills and networks. She started to reframe the challenges she saw in her community as possibilities for change, and see how she could tap into her potential to create opportunities for herself and for others. She came to believe social entrepreneurship and digital skills could help alleviate youth unemployment, a major challenge in Jordan and the region.

“I believe that digital media and technology is the best solution for the youth to invest in their capabilities, knowledge and skills,” she says.

With her newly launched social enterprise, Indigo Denim, Dana is putting her passion and new skills into action. Through Indigo Denim, Dana designs and re-styles denim for a cause. She hires members of her local community to make clothes, and provides material and training to girls who are interested in fashion design.

Dana is enthusiastic about using fashion to widen young people’s horizons. “We are aiming to give them the opportunity to experiment their creativity whether in fashion, branding, digital marketing and social media.”

Dana sees shopping as a powerful act and knows consumers can be changemakers. Every purchase, a buyer makes choices, and they can choose to support their community in their buying decisions. Dana hopes Indigo Denim will become a brand that provides Jordanians a way of supporting their community with every dollar spent.

“With this social enterprise, we are boosting the sense of purpose and responsibility, in addition to raising awareness to support local businesses and local communities – because we rise by lifting others,” she says.

With DOT Jordan’s support, Dana is working to ensure Indigo Denim will be sustainable and impactful. When it is launched and firmly established, Dana hopes she will be an example to encourage other young people to turn to entrepreneurship to create opportunities for themselves and those around them.

I believe that digital media and technology is the best solution for the youth to invest in their capabilities, knowledge and skills.

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