Bridging the gap between teachers and parents

Banan has always been passionate about coding and technology. She graduated from the University of Jordan with a degree in Computer and Information Systems and chose to explore opportunities aligned with the digital social ecosystem.  She continued to learn and develop her programming skills and found fulfilment in freelancing opportunities, but was still curious about the potential of programming for mobile applications- something she had never explored before. That’s when she discovered DOT.

After attending DOT Jordan’s intensive Android Application course, she developed important business and communications skills that then helped her to create a ‘gap-map’ of markets that would clarify for her the direction to take to further explore mobile tech.

Being a single mother herself, Banan knew the difficulties of communicating with teachers, and the frustration teachers can have attempting to communicate with parents of students in their classes. She quickly realized that this was not only an issue that needed to be addressed, but it was an issue she could help solve. She decided to utilize the skill sets she obtained from the DOT training to start developing a digital solution to this issue using a mobile application.

With her interest in Android development, Banan was able to develop a mobile application that will bridge the gap between teachers and parents of youth in primary school, when the students are at an age that is integral to their academic growth, by analyzing and connecting the dots in the school’s ecosystem.

She is currently in the prototyping phase of her project and is excited to start piloting her program.