What We Do

Young people have experience, passion, and insight rooted in the needs and challenges of their communities. DOT programs support youth to deepen their understanding of those needs and challenges, and provide them with the tools, knowledge, networks, and support to launch sustainable social initiatives that create positive change.

Youth develop entrepreneurial mindsets and communication, teamwork, decision-making, and digital skills. Their initiatives create a ripple effect of opportunities for themselves and others, leading to jobs, businesses, sustainable social and economic change, and transformed, resilient communities.

DOT Jordan is mobilizing the potential of young people and the power of creative technology in Jordan.

We are addressing the twin challenges of youth unemployment and limited opportunities for sustainable economic growth in Jordan by supporting youth to solve pressing challenges in their local communities and establish sustainable social enterprises.

We’re doing this in three ways: by supporting young women and men to become Young Social Innovators and providing seed funding, networks, and mentors for their promising innovations; by establishing Digital Creativity Labs throughout the country; and by working with partners to improve Jordanian communities’ access to and learning in technology.

Young Social Innovators

Young Social Innovators

We work with young college and university graduates who have the passion and will to create positive social change.

DOT Jordan’s Young Social Innovators are equipped with the skills, motivation, and knowledge to create and apply digital solutions that solve pressing challenges, and have a positive impact in their community.

Supported by mentors, Young Social Innovators test and implement their social innovations and social enterprises in the Digital Creativity Labs, where they also offer digital skills and innovation training to the local community during their residency as Young Social Innovators.

Digital Creativity Labs

Digital Creativity Labs

We are showcasing a model to transform Jordan’s community-based Knowledge Stations into Digital Creativity Labs that use digital tools to inspire innovation, research, and solve pressing challenges in local communities.

Our goal is to refresh the Knowledge Stations as vibrant, creative, and digital community centers where entrepreneurs, innovators, mentors, start-ups, digital champions, and youth leaders can be supported in their endeavours.

Our Young Social Innovators work out of the Digital Creativity Labs, offering skills training to the local community, preparing the next generation of youth with foundational innovation, entrepreneurship and digital skills.



We partner with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology to address national technology and sustainability priorities.

Our work together contributes towards bridging the digital divide by improving Jordanian communities’ access to and learning in technology, with a focus on inclusion of women and girls.

We are also convening NGOs working in the areas of youth and digital inclusion to collaborate on achieving the goals of #REACH2025, Jordan’s technology action plan.

Our programs provide young people with the opportunity to develop skills, deep knowledge, networks, and investment in their ideas. Key to the success of all of DOT’s young leaders is:

Experience-based learning

We provide training to young people while they build their skills and abilities in and alongside local communities, business, institutions, and organizations.

Community impact

Young people put their knowledge to work, and gain a deep understanding of the needs, challenges, and what they can contribute to their local community.


Our young leaders are connected with peers, global networks, mentors, and network of partners who all play a role in growing their ideas.


We believe in investing in young people as changemakers and innovators. DOT supports youth through stipends and linking them to job placements and seed funding.

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