DOT Jordan Launches Daring to Shift (D2S), A Project Funded By Global Affairs Canada (GAC)

Under the patronage of the Jordanian Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, His Excellency Ahmad Al Hanandeh, and the Canadian Ambassador to Jordan, Donica Pottie, Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Jordan convened for a virtual event to announce the launch of the Daring to Shift (D2S) project. 

Daring to Shift (D2S) is a four-year Digital Opportunity Trust project that places young women and men at the center of inclusive community development and supports them with the digital and human skills, knowledge, and networks they need to create opportunities and transform their own communities. Supported by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada, Daring to Shift is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The project will see youth between the ages of 18 and 34 leading development initiatives in their own communities across three thematic pillars: digital jobs, social entrepreneurship, and community leadership. With a female participation rate of 70%, the project also aims to place young women at the center of inclusive community development. 

Across nine governorates in the country,  DOT Jordan will offer 5,200 training opportunities for 3,000 youth in the digital jobs pillar, and 250 youth in the social entrepreneurship pillar, in addition to 40 youth in the community leadership pillar. 

During the launch event, His Excellency Ahmad Al Hanandeh emphasized the critical role that young people play in the new digital economy, sharing that the Ministry is supporting projects such as Daring to Shift because it “aligns with the Ministry’s role of enhancing the youth’s digital skills and preparing them for the labor market”.

Her Excellency Donica Pottie shared that the Canadian Government is “delighted that DOT is looking at how they can use the digital transformation to help support the economic participation of youth, particularly young women, as this seems like the right thing to do at the right time. Young people need the chance to start their active adult lives and outlets to express their creativity and to help form a world they want to see – and this is something that can be accomplished through Daring to Shift”. 

While emphasizing DOT’s shared vision among its many partners and supporters, DOT Founder and CEO Janet Longmore said “we will ensure that girls, women, and marginalized groups have equal access to opportunity and technology. We share a belief in the potential of young people to lead positive social and economic change in their communities.”

In response to the crucial role DOT and D2S play in the need for digital transformation and thus equipping Jordanian youth, DOT Jordan Country Director Hamza Shraideh shared how the “digital economy in Jordan is on the rise. At the same time, COVID-19 demonstrated the need for digital transformation and Jordanian youth are eager to seek jobs within the tech-related sector and DOT plans to support youth in their journey”.

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